Since 2003, we have specialised in supplying high quality spray nozzles throughout New Zealand and Australia, including but not limited to:

Spray Drying Nozzles

Spray Drying Nozzles image

Air Atomising Nozzles

Air atomising nozzles

Industrial spray nozzles

Industrial spray nozzles

Oil Burner Nozzles

Oil Burner Nozzles

Clean in place nozzles

Clean in place nozzles

Heavy duty spray nozzles

Heavy duty spray nozzles

Heavy duty washing nozzles

Heavy duty washing nozzles

Tank Washing Nozzles

Tank washing nozzles

Washing Nozzles

Washing Nozzles

Suppression Nozzles

Suppression nozzles

Agricultural spray nozzles

Agricultural spray nozzles 2

Spray Technologies Ltd supply spray products to a variety of industries including, but not limited to:

Dairy Industry

Dairy industry

Mining Industry

Mining industry

Steel Industry

Steel industry

Dust suppression

Dust suppression

Food processing industry

Food processing industry

Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper1

Industrial Industry

Industrial Industry

Gas Scrubbing

Gas scrubber industry1

Odour Management

Odour Control

WasteWater Treatment




Chemical processing

Chemical processing





Metal Finishing

Metal finishing

Building Materials

Building Materials

Fire Protection

Fire Protection

As well as the supply of spray products throughout New Zealand and Australia, Spray Technologies Ltd Ltd has in stock 30,000 DELAVAN® spray nozzle components. This amount of stock allows us to support most applications. 

Here at Spray Technologies Ltd, if required, we also provide training and maintenance of our product, to support your spray product life-cycle. 


Our Advantage:

Spray Technologies Ltd is a leader in the spray drying field as our supplier (DELAVAN® UK) invented the current swirl chamber/orifice disc combination. Our supplier is also a market leader in air atomising. We do not only supply our clients with their nozzle requirements, we can also supply the lance as well for simple retro fit. 

Other Areas of Specialisation

Agricultural Spray Nozzles

Spray Technologies Ltd is a long-term supplier to the agricultural and dairy industry. We have operated in this space as a company for over 18 years. As the owners of Spray Technologies Ltd, we have over 30 years of work experience in this space, witnessing and playing a role in the evolution and innovation of spraying products. In more recent years we have seen technology and artificial intelligence play a huge role in the growth of agricultural spray nozzles that give our clients a higher quality, more successful end product.  

We have grown and evolved with your demands when it comes to spray nozzle technology in this space. Whether you are looking for tank washing nozzles, spray drying, or other agricultural spray nozzles, we can support your spraying needs, no project is too large or small. 

Oil Burning Nozzles

Spray Technologies Ltd supply oil burning nozzles that assist the oil heating industry throughout Australia and New Zealand. We specialise in nozzles for the agricultural industry, gas turbines, automotive and industrial spraying.

Because the oil burner nozzles produce such a fine mist, these nozzles are also used in cooling (spraying water) in large chicken commercial houses.

Industrial spray nozzles 1
LF tip 1

Industrial Spray Nozzles

Working closely in the steel industry also, we supply nozzles that will evenly cool the molten metal as it flows through to the machine ensuring your heat is transferred evenly through the steel. We supply variations of air atomising lances and nozzles, single fluid hydraulic nozzles and descales that are specifically made to ease maintenance and reduce air consumption. 

Throughout the years we have created strong relationships within the mining industry supplying air atomising nozzles to generate power, create steam and produce the power within the plant. We also supply to various quarries to help with dust suppression throughout the conveyorsystems to decrease blow-aways.

If you are looking for a reputable supplier to the mining industry for air atomising nozzles complete with lances then reach out to Spray Technologies Ltd today!

Road Nozzles

We can supply users with road spraying nozzles to spray tar along with truck washing nozzles, tank washing nozzles, CIP (clean in place) nozzles and heavy duty industrial nozzles.

Why Spray Technologies Ltd

Our outstanding service, the flexibility in manufacturing and technical teams from DELAVAN®, as well as our ability to provide technical advice to our customers to ensure they get the most out of their products have all contributed to our success at Spray Technologies Ltd.

We can handle any project, large or small. DELAVAN®’s team of specialists uses advanced computer technology to design nozzles and complete systems that can be used for an endless number of applications. Spray Technologies Ltd are available to help with any aspect of your project from the selection of materials, the spray patterns, and the design and construction of the pipework to the testing and inspection of key components and entire systems. We can also work with you to establish a performance parameter that will ensure your nozzle design is installed on time and within budget.

Spray Technologies Ltd is the name you can trust for the best fluid handling and nozzles in New Zealand and Australia. 

Our flexibility and versatility is evident in the wide range of materials that are available. All materials that can be machined or cast are possible for our nozzles. The most popular choices are stainless steel, brass, and thermoplastics. We supply nozzles that can be used with suspensions, corrosive or abrasive liquids, and hot and dangerous environments.

You can also specify the spray characteristics you need and have them produced to a high quality standard. You can design and manufacture nozzles to produce air atomising, flat jet, solid stream, hollow, or full cone sprays.

No matter what nozzle you choose to use, the quality will be the best. Quality control procedures at DELAVAN® ensure that all incoming and outgoing materials are regularly checked for compliance with strict quality standards. We are able to adapt our manufacturing processes so that they meet the exact requirements of many industries around the globe. This allows us to deliver a high quality product every single time.

Cutting-edge technology allows DELAVAN® nozzles to be used in a wide range of applications.

Our sales engineers have many years of industry experience and have a wealth of knowledge providing the best possible service.

No matter if you require an off-the shelf product or a custom-designed system, Spray Technologies Ltd can help. We have the expertise, experience, and versatility to offer quality products, expert advice, and innovative solutions.