Spray Technologies Limited

Founded in 2003, Spray Technologies Limited is the exclusive distributor of the Delavan range of industrial nozzle componentry throughout Australasia. Spray Technologies has built a reputation for service and support second to none and is a long-standing supplier to some of the largest companies in New Zealand. The team at Spray Technologies will work closely with you and your company to ensure we not only supply a product but a solution.

Our focus on building relationships with our customers ensures we are always up to date with their requirements and understand their business and what they are looking to achieve. Working closely with our clients also gives us the opportunity to take their feedback on board and continuously look to improve our products, service, and support. This ensures, that Spray technologies Limited, along with Delavan remains at the forefront of innovation and technology in the spray nozzle industry.

We supply spray nozzles in Australia also and have the following locations: